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Missouri Waterfowl

Brian “…I started duck hunting 4 years ago…I do not even own a duck call…but I have had some excellent duck hunts with guides Scott and Doug….every time I have the opportunity to join one of them or both I make sure I have sick days…it is a hunt that you will not forget…”

Mark “…I was invited to hunt with Scott in St. Charles this year…I am an avid duck hunter and hunt about 25 days a season for the past 10 years, but I can tell you I have NEVER had a duck hunt as I did this November with Scott and Doug….I killed my limit of Mallards all Drakes and shot two Gadwalls…my limit just added to the overall limit for the others….6 of us were done hunting and sat back as Doug and Scott allowed us to call and work the birds while giving us helpful aid….”

Kurt “…Thanksgiving morning…I met up with Scott for a few hour hunt that AM….we only shot 6 ducks in about 2 or so hours, but I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about Scott and his true passion for waterfowl hunting and shared in a laugh about his deer hunting adventure…”

Scott J. “…I joined up with Scott and Doug on an afternoon hunt in mid December…Doug is excellent caller and brought some ducks I would have never even tried to call, right into my face….I took my 6 birds with no problems…only fired 6 shots as well  - they put these birds in my face…”

Arkansas Waterfowl

Ben (only non-family member to have had the ability to hunt on this property) – “….The three days I spent hunting on the 55 acre track was unbelievable!  We saw thousands of birds working our field and had many opportunities to be selective on the birds we harvested.  The number of Pintails I saw was out of this world.  I look forward to joining Scott (my guide) again in the following years.”

Dove Hunting

John “….best dove hunting I have ever experienced!  I have hunted here for the past three years and have had the opportunity to take several limits of dove on opening weekend and throughout the season.  I wish I  could have shot better – but several boxes later I had my limit”.

Jim “…I took a limit on opening day in the first hour!  Enjoyed the day off work watching others shoot their limits and enjoying the beautiful Missouri River scenery”.

Pete “….First time Dove hunting – hard to hit those birds, but I got my limit by that afternoon and what a great time.”

Brian “…always miss opening day due to work, but the opportunity to take limits all season has been great.  Really enjoy this opportunity – please count me in for the future years”.

Grant – A late season guest “…Never have I ever shot dove in November.  I really enjoyed taking a limit and your shared recipe was awesome, Thanks”.

Brandon “…hunted the Beaver location….really enjoyed the ability to take 3 shy of my limit that morning….felt like I had known all of you for years…it was  blast…Thanks for inviting me back in mid-October…again I missed my opportunity for a limit, but the experience was just that of the first hunt…”.

Mike “Scott, please count me in next year.  I enjoyed the wild game lunch especially….even though the heat got to me, I had a great day and took my limit…went back 5 more times and ended up only having one day that I shot lest than 5 dove”…

Deer Hunting

Ben and Doug (two of our waterfowl guides) enjoyed a managed hunt on our 60 acre track and took this 169 buck.  The year before Ben took a nice 151 buck. 

John has hunted two of our properties.  “…what a great time…I saw deer the entire day and some nice 6 and 8 pointers in the mix.  It was that evening I decided to fill my tag and took my 17 point non-typical.  Was not the trophy rack many our after, but what a unique deer rack and one that I will enjoy talking about as others enjoy it on my wall”.

John again “…. I hunted the second year with you and was able to fill my tag again with a very nice 10 pointer…this deer was 6 years old and weighed over 235lbs.  I also took two does the following day and ended up with both of them weighing over 150lbs.”
Roy – hunted with us during the doe season “…you were right Scott, not to shoot the first doe I saw…I ended up seeing over 45 deer that day and took a picture of a very nice 15 pointer only 10 yds form the stand…..I ended up filling my first tage at 11:30 and came back for the last hour and filled my second tag”.

Tony “…this will be my 4th year in Adair County….I took your advice Scott and shot my gun 100 times before making this trip…NOTE:  the year before Tony missed 4 very nice bucks less than 100 yd.  shots, ….I finally got him though….thanks for helping me and putting me on the magic spot…this deer is the biggest I have ever shot and is bigger than any deer I have seen in my home state….I came to appreciate your management practices and understand why you have them in place….I saw a lot of bucks that had nice racks but wre only 6 pointers…I know that I would have taken one if I was hunting on public ground, but on my third trip back I started to see those 6 pointers growing into 4 and 5 year old bucks and supporting very nice 8 and 10 pointers….Look forward to coming back next year…” 

Turkey Hunting

Chris “…WOW! WOW!  I had 17 turkey enter the field within ten minutes of setting up…I waited and finally took a 25 lb. 3 bearded Tom.”

Skipper “…weather did not want to work with us the first day, but when it cleared, I enjoyed the hunt….Although I took a jake because I had to leave, I saw plenty of Tom’s that will bring me back…”

Skipper – 2nd trip “…GOT HIM!  I spent the next two weeks working after hunting on your property thinking about those birds I saw but I could not get in. The weather was not helping me on that trip…I took a very nice 23lb. Bird.”

John O. - 9th largest turkey recorded in Missouri 28lbs.


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