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Where We Dove Hunt

We currently have access to three fields located in confluence of St. Charles County, Missouri?  All three fields have been privately hunted and are being offered to our customers on limited bases.  Our largest field is 100 acres with approx. 15 acres of sunflowers with a natural drainage area splitting the property in half offering wild seeds. 

The balance is planted in beans and corn.  We have the corn harvested prior to the season to allow extra feed for the birds.  This property is located along the Missouri river and has a tree line and levy from the waters edge to the planted sunflowers. Our second field is located across the road form this property approx. ½ mile.  This is field is approx. 5 acres of sunflowers planted on a natural sand ridge, with high power lines and surrounded on all sides by planted beans or corn.  Both fields have offered limits every year for our family and friends.  We usually only hunt 20 or so hunters on opening day. 

With all seeing limits – depending on their shooting ability!  A third field is located just a short ride away which offers a unique opportunity to take a limit of birds.  This is located next to a natural slough, low power lines over the sunflowers and plenty of trees for them to roost in.  This is the smallest of our fields, but is broken up into a 1 acre back property location and 2 acre front parcel.  We have hunted 5 hunters with most seeing limits in the past three years.  This location offers a latter season ability to shoot several dove as well.

Season Information & Rates

The season opens on September 1st of every year.  Depends on the MDC we usually see the season running till the second week of November.  Depending on weather conditions – out of our control – we have had some excellent late hunts on these properties as well.  We will post the season and regulation in July when the MDC releases them.

  • $100.00 per person on Opening day*
  • $50 daily after opening weekend
  • $150 per season
* Opening day includes a barbecued lunch with regular meats, wild game and extra’s to enjoy, with refreshments.  We provide an awning for relief from the weather or at our third location our lodge is available for your full use as well.  We will also prepare your limit for travel.

What You'll Need to Bring

Pretty simple – make sure you dress for the weather!  We have seen 100+ days.  Hard to predict!  Dogs are welcomed, we only encourage you pack for them as well.  The river or slough is on the property to cool down, but in the extreme heat it does and will take its toll on your dog.  Make sure you pack your gun, a stool to sit on, bug spray, and your ammo.  Lunch is on us and we will have non-alcoholic drinks during your hunt available. 


John “….best dove hunting I have ever experienced!  I have hunted here for the past three years and have had the opportunity to take several limits of dove on opening weekend and throughout the season.  I wish I  could have shot better – but several boxes later I had my limit”.

Jim “…I took a limit on opening day in the first hour!  Enjoyed the day off work watching others shoot their limits and enjoying the beautiful Missouri River scenery”.

Pete “….First time Dove hunting – hard to hit those birds, but I got my limit by that afternoon and what a great time.”

Brian “…always miss opening day due to work, but the opportunity to take limits all season has been great.  Really enjoy this opportunity – please count me in for the future years”.

Grant – A late season guest “…Never have I ever shot dove in November.  I really enjoyed taking a limit and your shared recipe was awesome, Thanks”.

Brandon “…hunted the Beaver location….really enjoyed the ability to take 3 shy of my limit that morning….felt like I had known all of you for years…it was  blast…Thanks for inviting me back in mid-October…again I missed my opportunity for a limit, but the experience was just that of the first hunt…”.

Mike “Scott, please count me in next year.  I enjoyed the wild game lunch especially….even though the heat got to me, I had a great day and took my limit…went back 5 more times and ended up only having one day that I shot lest than 5 dove”…

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