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Where We Deer Hunt

We have several parcels in Adair County in Northeast/Central Missouri – Deer Capital of the Midwest.  We offer bow hunts and riffle hunts.  Both pre-rut and during the rut.  We also have a 25 acre solid woods that backs up to over 300 acres woods available for archery only in Monroe County, Missouri by Mark Twain Lake. 

Lodging can be included onsite as well with this hunt.  This 25 acre track is surrounded by private land and on the west side borders over 150 acres of property that is not hunted.  The property does not border any public use land, but we have access to aid you in getting to some of this public ground that others do not have. 

If you are interested in meat only?  We have a 60 acre tract of land that we allow only does to be taken on in St. Charles County, Missouri.  We strictly enforce this rule as we are managing this are with the cooperation of the other land owners, but it allows you the opportunity to fill your tag and enjoy some great deer meat.  Several of our properties will accommodate you for lodging otherwise local hotels are within 30 minutes or less from our parcels.

Season Information & Rates

Season is usually the second week of November for Riffle season and will run for 14 days.  Archery begins in September 15 and will break for riffle season and then run till the 15th of January. 

Muzzle loading season allows an extra week around Thanksgiving.  If it is just meat you are after – we have several extra dates available in December for does only.  Currently we are developing our available dates.  Do to the number of returning customers form the past years we will accommodate them first then open the other dates for your opportunity. 

We manage our deer herds very closely and we only take what our heads can withstand and still allow us the ability to see 150 + bucks every year and for multiple hunters to enjoy.  Please check back as we will hopefully release our dates by May.  

 Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and to be added to our waiting list.

What You'll Need to Bring

Deer License:   http://www.mdc.mo.gov/hunt/deer/deertuk/eight.htm

Dress for all weather conditions.  Most of our stands are open, although we do have a few condo stands available on a couple of our properties.  We do allow the use of your own climbers on several of or properties, if you would like to bring one along feel free (not needed though). 


Ben and Doug (two of our waterfowl guides) enjoyed a managed hunt on our 60 acre track and took this 169 buck.  The year before Ben took a nice 151 buck. 

John has hunted two of our properties.  “…what a great time…I saw deer the entire day and some nice 6 and 8 pointers in the mix.  It was that evening I decided to fill my tag and took my 17 point non-typical.  Was not the trophy rack many our after, but what a unique deer rack and one that I will enjoy talking about as others enjoy it on my wall”.

John again “…. I hunted the second year with you and was able to fill my tag again with a very nice 10 pointer…this deer was 6 years old and weighed over 235lbs.  I also took two does the following day and ended up with both of them weighing over 150lbs.”
Roy – hunted with us during the doe season “…you were right Scott, not to shoot the first doe I saw…I ended up seeing over 45 deer that day and took a picture of a very nice 15 pointer only 10 yds form the stand…..I ended up filling my first tage at 11:30 and came back for the last hour and filled my second tag”.

Tony “…this will be my 4th year in Adair County….I took your advice Scott and shot my gun 100 times before making this trip…NOTE:  the year before Tony missed 4 very nice bucks less than 100 yd.  shots, ….I finally got him though….thanks for helping me and putting me on the magic spot…this deer is the biggest I have ever shot and is bigger than any deer I have seen in my home state….I came to appreciate your management practices and understand why you have them in place….I saw a lot of bucks that had nice racks but wre only 6 pointers…I know that I would have taken one if I was hunting on public ground, but on my third trip back I started to see those 6 pointers growing into 4 and 5 year old bucks and supporting very nice 8 and 10 pointers….Look forward to coming back next year…” 

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